»Team Rentals

Give your team the benefit of practice all year long.  Take advantage of our 11,876 square foot facility in Highland Park or our 13,000 square foot facility in Vernon Hills.

Both locations offer:

  • Fully-turfed, multi-purpose playing surface
  • Perfectly lit training space
  • Spacious batting cages
  • Iron Mike pitching machines
  • Pitching mounds
  • Tee, L-Screens, etc.
  • For an additional cost,  NSSA instructors are available for team instruction.

Please call for team pricing and specify which location you would like. 

NSBA HP: 847.831.3250, NSBA VH: 847-383-5264,  [email protected]

Individual Cage Rentals

Not getting enough practice time with your team?  Want to get the extra reps necessary to maximize your potential?  Get that work done using NSBA’s Iron Mike Pitching Machines and pitching mounds!

Highland Park  or Vernon Hills

» 1 – 30 minute visit – $30

» 5 – 30 minute visits – $135

» 10 – 30 minute visits – $245

» 20 – 30 minute visits – $385

The cage visits can be used by scheduling time in advance by phone or email.  Cage pass visits are available to schedule in 30 minute blocks.